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Think of all the preparation and planning that goes into a single marketing campaign: Who’s the target audience? Which channels are important? What’s the messaging? How should it look and feel?

Unfortunately, answering these questions is the “easy” part — execution and delivery is where many marketing and creative teams fall apart.

Does everyone understand their role and know when to take action? Has every key dependency been accounted for? Do up-to-the-minute details and key files live in a single, easily accessible place? Is each piece of the project progressing on time?

Creating visuals alone involves numerous steps, handoffs, and stakeholders:

Creative Brief

Scoping → Scheduling

Design → Review

Revisions → Approval


Wrike for Marketers is revolutionizing the end-to-end work lifecycle for marketers and creatives, enabling teams to run integrated, multi-channel campaigns with best-in-class tools like:

  • Dynamic Request Forms: Get all project details upfront without bogging teammates down thanks to intake workflows that change based on requesters’ needs.
  • Custom Workflows: Establish custom statuses that map to your team’s unique processes and make it easy to track projects through your entire workflow.
  • Project Templates: Save recurring projects as templates and simply clone them to copy over dependencies, task durations, assignees, descriptions, and more.
  • Wrike Proof: Shorten review cycles with visual markup tools that enable stakeholders to provide clear, collaborative feedback and empower creatives to take action.
  • Calendars: Layer color-coded marketing team calendars for a unified, real-time view of upcoming projects and integrated campaign components.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Extension: Keep creatives in the tools they love with the ability to access and update work in Wrike without leaving Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Dashboards & Reporting: Keep projects on track, identify process roadblocks, and drill into key areas of opportunity to improve your team’s performance.
  • And much more!

We’re excited to expand our Wrike for Marketers offering with two new features: Wrike Publish and Guest Review.

Put the right files at your team’s fingertips

Visual consistency is key for growing marketing teams, but maintaining brand integrity across dozens of channels and campaigns isn’t easy. Team members waste hours searching for the right assets—or worse, use the wrong ones. Creatives get stuck dealing with duplicate requests and incorrect file usage.

Wrike is partnering with today’s leading digital asset management (DAM) providers to help put the right assets at your team’s fingertips with Wrike Publish.

Wrike Publish makes it possible for teams to publish new and updated assets to their DAM directly within Wrike tasks. This not only saves creatives time spent switching tabs and tools, but also minimizes version control issues.

Teams can search for and preview DAM files in Wrike to quickly find and use approved assets across projects and campaigns, minimizing repeat design requests or misused files. The ability to attach specific files to Wrike tasks helps keep project details centralized and easily accessible.

Wrike Publish also works in tandem with Wrike Proof to facilitate the creative review and approval process. Download files from DAM to Wrike, share them with key stakeholders, and make and review edits using Wrike Proof. Publish approved files back to DAM in a few clicks.

Collaborate with external stakeholders

If collaborating with internal colleagues and teammates can be a hurdle, working with stakeholders outside your organization often creates full-on roadblocks. Email chains run rampant, files vanish, and stakeholders forget to hit “reply all.”

Marketers and creatives are left with the time-consuming tasks of piecing together feedback, trying to maintain version control, and chasing down final approvals.

Wrike Guest Review allows key clients and executives outside of Wrike to participate in file review and approval using Wrike Proof. Visually marking up individual files in a centralized location enables stakeholders to provide clear, collaborative feedback, and empowers creatives to take action.

Nearly 45% of Wrike Marketing customers report Wrike cut their review and approval process time in half, according to The Marketing Executive’s Guide to Leading Business Transformation.

Wrike Guest Review enables teams to generate secure invitations for external collaborators. It also offers permission controls, password protection, and access expiration to encourage the right interactions and strike a balance between security and visibility.

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