Wrike Proof fast tracks creative proofing and approvals

Centralize feedback, expedite approvals, and uplevel assets.
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Say goodbye to chaotic creative review cycles

Wrike Proof takes the guesswork out of proofing and approvals with visual markup tools that enable stakeholders to provide clear, collaborative feedback and empower creatives to take action.

Centralize feedback across teams

Centralize feedback across teams

Sending files as email attachments leads to duplicate or conflicting changes across multiple documents. Wrike Proof minimizes version control issues and time spent consolidating comments by centralizing all feedback in one place.

Shorten lengthy feedback loops

Shorten lengthy feedback loops

Nearly 45% of Wrike Marketing customers report Wrike cut their review and approval process time in half. Assigning reviewers streamlines handoffs and creates an approval trail, while visual markups make it clear what changes should be made.

Deliver top quality materials

Deliver top quality materials

Complete more creative review cycles in less time. Wrike’s online proofing tool makes it possible for both internal and external stakeholders to effectively collaborate and share feedback that shapes top-notch creative materials.

Capture clear and actionable feedback to finalize assets in Wrike

Wrike Proof boosts team productivity and creative output. Visually mark up and compare images, videos, PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoints, and HTML web content for easy edits and fast approvals.

Provide visual feedback
Highlight text, click on images, or select time markers to leave clear, contextual comments. Reply to and discuss feedback inline, and resolve comments as edits are made.
Assign designated approvers
Request reviews from key stakeholders and set approval deadlines. Reviewers can mark assets as approved or request specific changes, creating a clear edit and approval log.
Keep creatives in the zone
Access Wrike Proof from inside Adobe Creative Cloud applications. The ability to view feedback and make changes without switching tabs or tools saves creatives significant time.
Invite external reviewers
Invite key clients and executives outside of Wrike to participate in proofing work and file approval using Wrike Proof. Generate secure invitations with Wrike Guest Review.

“Time to value within our team has certainly increased. We're collaborating more than we ever have before, but we’ve also cut the time it takes to revise and approve assets by 50%, if not more.”

Andrea Bonk

Program Manager of Market Research and Operations

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