We strive to make your day-to-day work in Wrike as efficient as possible. Not only with big feature releases, but also the small improvements to save you time each day

Here are three enhancements that will make your work faster:

1. Comment field stays at the bottom of the task view
In a similar way, the comment field will always stay at the bottom of your screen regardless of which part of the task you're viewing. This should make it easier to comment on many parts of a  long task description.

2. Stream adapted for large screens
The new Activity Stream layout has been adapted for large screens and ensures that more information fits on one page, so it's easier to read through for everyone.

3. Unfollow tasks directly from the Activity Stream
Quickly unfollowing tasks you're no longer interested in is now available while browsing the newsfeed. Remember, there are some tasks that you can't unfollow (e.g. tasks where you're an assignee), so if you try then you'll see a popup explaining the reason.

Keep an eye out for more updates!

Each of these three changes is small, but altogether they bring an improved experience to your Wrike workspace! Hit the comments to tell us what you think.