2022 was a year full of unexpected developments in the world of digital marketing. Most of us didn’t enter January 2022 with visions of an industry-affecting Twitter sale or layoffs at major companies. For many digital marketers, it was a year of unexpected twists and turns, which forced us to learn to pivot in ways we never had before. 

The changes and lessons from 2022 have set digital marketers up for 2023. Digital marketers around the globe are looking deep into the trends for the upcoming year to ensure they are able to make it a successful year despite any obstacles that might crop up. 

From shorter video content to leaning harder on influencers, diversifying social media channels, and putting brand values front and center, digital marketers have a veritable treasure chest to rely upon in the coming months. 

Digital marketing trends in 2023

So far, 2023 looks to be a year that’s going to require digital marketers to do more with less. As signs of a tech recession continue to mount, many marketing budgets will likely be slashed in an effort to stabilize companies. 

Taking advantage of digital marketing trends in 2023 will allow marketers to use their resources wisely and efficiently, spending their budgets and time on the channels and activities that will reap the most rewards and result in the most ROI.

Take a look at this list of digital marketing trends to watch in 2023 as you make a calculated decision about which avenues will best suit your marketing strategy, values, and goals. 

1. Creating shorter video content

In 2022, Instagram stories really took hold, allowing brands to reach an incredible number of potential customers with short videos that could showcase their products, influencers, and more. In 2023, this type of short video content will likely continue to help companies reap rewards on Instagram stories as well as TikTok. 

Digital marketers can also benefit from the increase in popularity and results that stem from Instagram’s reels. Taking advantage of Instagram reels will help your brand to be discoverable on the Explore page, which could allow your video to reach up to 200m viewers

2. Adopting ChatGPT 

ChatGPT made a splash in 2022, and 2023 will most likely see the fine-tuning of the chatbot’s capabilities for digital marketing purposes. 

As more digital marketers join the community of 1m users who initially jumped on ChatGPT and continue to work with the language processing tool, they’ll be able to harness the power of the AI technology for their own uses. For example, digital marketers can use Chat GPT to create individualized responses to customer inquiries, create content for email and social media content, and more. 

However, those digital marketers who spend the time to determine exactly how ChatGPT can fit into their daily workflows will be most likely to see return on investment. The language processing and generating tool can indeed speed up some forms of communication, but digital marketers will need to tread carefully, ensuring that all content generated by the app is thoroughly edited for clarity and fact-checked properly. 

3. Diversifying social media channels

If 2022 showed digital marketers anything, it’s that a solid marketing strategy can’t rely on a single social media channel. 

The volatility of Twitter following its purchase by Elon Musk proved that digital marketers simply can’t put all their eggs in one social media basket, and that specific social media channels aren’t guaranteed to provide audiences and revenue forever. 

So, in 2023, digital marketers will need to diversify their social media campaigns across different channels. One such channel that might have previously been overlooked but that could provide promising brand awareness is LinkedIn, which is forecast to capture 25pc of US B2B spending by 2024. That gives you a year to hone in on your LinkedIn offering and ensure you’re able to showcase your brand’s services to other businesses effectively. 

4. Building a tight martech stack

As companies increasingly look to do more with less, marketers will become increasingly keen to build as tight a martech stack as possible. 

Eliminating superfluous apps and tools that aren’t adding to ROI and instead opting for all-in-one software that allows you to consolidate a range of apps  — and therefore save money — will be a top trend in 2023. 

Work management software can play a huge role in app consolidation if the platform can provide a single location where teams access features they’d otherwise have to pay for in another app. For instance, when work management software can provide DAM services and content publishing, marketers won’t have to shell out for individual additional software. 

5. Investing in influencers and content creators

According to the HubSpot blog’s research on marketing industry trends, one in four marketers already utilize influencers to showcase their content or products. And that trend is only expected to increase in 2023, with 17pc of marketers expected to engage in influencer marketing for the first time. 

Investing in collaborations with influencers and content creators can offer you a double bonus as these campaigns often use short-form video, one of our other top trends for 2023.

6. Bringing brand values front and center

The continued humanization of brands will be at the forefront of many digital marketers’ strategies in 2023 as they seek to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

In a trend that began to grow traction following the social justice movement of 2020, digital marketers will increasingly be tasked with ensuring a brand’s values are at the front and center of their marketing activities. 

How Wrike can help you keep up with digital marketing trends 

A powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use work management platform such as Wrike can provide the perfect launchpad for digital marketers to capitalize on 2023 trends.

Wrike leads the work management industry for marketers due to our ability to support a wide range of marketing trends. From streamlining workflows with outside parties for optimal influencer marketing to integrating with more than 400 apps for a more consolidated tech stack, Wrike can do it all. 

In addition, Wrike actively supports a wide range of common marketing activities, from planning a winning marketing campaign, to plotting your social media calendar, soliciting feedback and adjusting campaign images and videos without leaving the platform, and so much more.

Start a two-week trial and discover how Wrike can help your digital marketing operation do more in 2023. 

Main image: iStock.com/Tirachard

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The digital marketer’s tactical guide

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