Powerful Project Management Software for Startups

Implement Wrike’s startup project management framework to establish processes that will help your business thrive.
<p>Powerful Project Management Software for Startups</p>


Empower leadership and engage organizational direction

Communicate a crystal-clear vision of priorities, tasks, and workloads with our startup project management tool, so everyone understands the project hierarchy from day one.

Manage resources effectively

Manage resources effectively

Startup budgets are usually small, which is why we designed project management software for small companies that enables strategic resource allocation to maximize your budget.

Unify team communication

Unify team communication

Wrike’s startup project management software will help you define your team’s preferred communication and interaction styles, as well as collaborate effectively throughout the project.

Centralize project files

Centralize project files

Utilize a startup project management tool that provides a centralized workspace so your project deliverables remain on track, even in the event of a team member leaving.

Give your startup a strong foundation for success

Wrike offers the best project management software for small businesses to ensure effective management of projects that will give your company a solid start.

Resourceful templates to spearhead your startup’s growth

Take the guesswork out of your startup project management plans with our trusted templates.

Project management

Complex Project with Phases

Create a phased approach to project management with this template, which breaks complex projects into manageable phases. Assign due dates to tasks and track progress on a visual timeline.

Project Management

Requests and Approvals

Manage requests throughout their full life cycle. Receive requests via forms, manage them using traffic control and assignee dashboards, and keep track of performance using reports.


Competitive Analysis

Gain an edge on the competition with this template. Group your competitors by type, use a table to compare features, and create a competitive intel repository that multiple teams can access.

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“We work faster, update key dates for deliverables much more quickly, and eliminate human error. We’ve likely saved around 200 or more hours per year in our launch prep.”

Brynne Roberts, Director of Creative Operations, Fitbit
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“We use Wrike to map out all our marketing campaigns. We love the ability to add different tasks and look at it in a Gantt view and just see how everything’s lining up.”

Elena Hengel, Director of Marketing, Marketing Architects
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“The biggest gain for me has been visibility into the group. Now when the executive team asks me what's going on, I have complete visibility. So my time has been cut in half trying to sync up with people.”

Jeremy Ames, Director of Design, Regency Lighting

Additional resources to help build your company culture

Take the guesswork out of your startup project management plans with our trusted templates.

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<p>Revolutionize your startup project management</p>

Revolutionize your startup project management

Find out how our startup project management tools can empower your business — try Wrike free for two weeks.
<p>Revolutionize your startup project management</p>