Project management offices (PMOs) are busier than ever these days, juggling fewer resources and higher expectations amid increasingly unpredictable circumstances. To help manage these challenges, Wrike experts have put together a list of five must-read resources for every type of PMO, from construction to retail, all the way to IT and professional services. 

Dive into our curated selection to learn how to align your strategy with execution for end-to-end success. Using advanced features, cutting-edge AI, and time-saving automation, Wrike connects every part of your PMO — all in one powerful platform.

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1. Set your PMO up for success

Although PMOs are accustomed to pivoting, our world of work is more unpredictable than ever. Wrike’s free eBook, “PMO Scalability: A Clear Path Forward,” can help you learn how to embrace change, foster adaptation, and position your PMO for long-term success. Explore real-life examples, expert tips, and best practices for efficient project management — no matter how challenging the environment.

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2. Harness the transformative power of AI 

The age of AI is upon us, and organizations not taking advantage of its benefits risk losing out. The good news is that the most cutting-edge tools are at your fingertips in Wrike. Our free eBook, “How PMOs Can Maximize the Power of Wrike’s AI,” will explain how Wrike’s Work Intelligence® solution helps PMOs streamline planning and execution, empower team members, and take advantage of future opportunities.

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3. Streamline your PMO processes

Wrike’s experts are here to make your day-to-day life simpler, with a detailed white paper on optimizing Agile IT workflows. It’s packed full of insights and best practices to enhance your team’s productivity and accelerate your path to delivery. You can also access top tips on implementing strategic initiatives and managing service requests smoothly and efficiently.

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4. Simplify your bug tracking tools

Feel like your bug tracking process is out of sync? Wrike is the solution, helping you seamlessly track, prioritize, assign, test, and release bug fixes with enterprise-grade software. Find out how to get started with efficient issue resolution fast in our comprehensive datasheet — make bug tracking a breeze. 

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5. Step up security for your IT PMO

Wrike makes it easy to safeguard your IT PMO data with a range of powerful protection features, including double encryption, selective sharing, global server presence, and multiple privacy certifications. Find out how to make work visible, protect against damage, and simplify compliance fast in our free datasheet, available now. 

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