We are thrilled to report that, for yet another year, Wrike has been named a leading marketing resource management solution by industry experts G2. With 26 other contenders in the space, Wrike faced tough competition but ultimately came out ahead of the crowd with 93% of users giving it four or five stars — all due to strong customer satisfaction and impressive market presence. 

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How Wrike scored top marks

According to Wrike’s Dark Matter of Work research, 66% of business leaders say it’s very hard or impossible to tell when employees are over-working unless they say directly, and this issue will only become more exacerbated this year. As marketing departments and agencies alike are shouldering heavier loads with fewer resources at hand, marketing resource management software is even more important than ever. But in a crowded field, it can be difficult to choose the right marketing resource management software that will suit your team’s needs. That’s where G2 ratings come in; they help clear out the noise and highlight the experiences of real humans putting software to work. 

G2’s ratings rely specifically on third-party reviews — ranking products based on data sourced from customer feedback, as well as supplemental data collected from online sources and social networks. This information comprises the scoring methodology used by G2 to calculate the Satisfaction and Market Presence scores of each marketing resource management solution, which found Wrike to be the market’s solution of choice. 

Real reviews from real users

Here are a few recent G2 reviews that show just how critical Wrike has become to their marketing operations: 

“For me, the greatest value of Wrike is having an organized and unified system for managing workflows. With tasks, files, notes and conversations all appearing on one platform, it is a breeze for our team to keep in touch and stay up to date on task progress or issues that need attention. This has been key in helping us move projects forward quickly without the need for countless emails back and forth. I’m confident that this tool will not only help my team’s productivity, but also increase the overall efficiency of the organization.”

Estelle L., Marketing Strategist

“As a digital marketing agency owner, I need to offer my team and clients the best tools for task and project management, as well as the most agile communication possible. Wrike excels on these and much more!”

Fillipe Neyl W., CEO

“Wrike elevates collaboration among my project team members to a new level of ease and efficiency. With a dynamic, project-based live stream, every team member is able to stay abreast of key project developments in real time. Another standout feature is the ability to communicate directly on specific tasks at a project level, effectively centralizing team conversations and consolidating all project-related activities in one centralized location.”

Simon R., Performance Marketing Analyst

Wrike’s marketing resource management software allows you to track all your resources in one place, help eliminate silos, and easily prioritize workloads. 

Marketing resource management isn’t the only area where Wrike work management software excels. Wrike has also won X badges from G2 across X categories, making it the industry’s most powerful resource helping teams and organizations do more with less. 

If you want to dive deeper into how Wrike performed against the competition, check out the full report filled with even more reasons to give Wrike a try today. 

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