I’m thrilled to present the reimagined Wrike and share the story behind it. We begin a new chapter in Wrike’s history and the reimagined Wrike is the first step of what’s to come in the next stage of our journey. While this is a step in a new direction, it’s not a deviation from our path. 

Wrike has been an innovator in the collaborative work management space with a consistent track record of industry-first products and capabilities. With the recent shifts toward remote working, the workplace as we know it is perhaps changing forever. And Wrike will be an integral player in defining the "next normal" and redefining the future of work. 

So it’s time to renew our commitment to continue to transform the industry with innovative products that enable businesses to accelerate growth and stay relevant in a fast-changing market. 

The reimagined Wrike represents our promise to continue this journey of innovation and leadership. Our refreshed brand identity brings our story to life in ways that connect our story with our customers. 

So what’s our story?

Over the last few years Wrike has made impressive strides in the collaborative work management space. It’s worth looking back on some of those achievements to understand the rationale behind our new branding. 

We were the first to launch a dedicated product designed for marketers and professional services teams. We’re the only company to offer customer-controlled encryption keys so companies in highly regulated industries with stringent security rules can move their workflows to the cloud with the assurance of airtight security. We recently launched Performance capabilities that, for the first time, allow customers to connect work with business results in a few clicks. 

All of these innovations earned us the leader position with Forrester and garnered recognition from major industry influencers. 

Our platform evokes unparalleled enthusiasm and excitement in our customers which was evident at Collaborate, our annual user conference and the biggest thought leadership event in the space. Our product quickly turns users into ambassadors who develop a deep emotional connection with our platform. 

The Wrike Brand Refresh 2

But the superiority of our product wasn’t instantly evident to our audiences during their initial engagements with our brand. We weren’t communicating our story in a way that instantly connects with our prospects. 

So we decided that it was time to update our story to address the "next normal" of distributed and matrixed teams and structures and to truly reflect who we are and what value our product delivers. 

Over the last few years we’ve been launching new features and services at a furious pace. When we took a step back and looked at our offering we realized that Wrike had evolved as much as our increasingly sophisticated user base who were using Wrike for more than just task and team management. Our customers were using Wrike to power their processes at scale and accelerate their enterprise-wide initiatives. Many of them were running their entire organizations on Wrike. 

The Wrike Brand Refresh 3

Our customers tell it best 

Sonance, makers of award-winning audio solutions, uses Wrike to address resource management.

With 18 product categories, employees work across business lines, products, and teams. Each employee could be assigned to up to 12 projects at a time. There was no visibility into individual workloads, which was leading to overcommitment and burnout. 

After implementing Wrike Resource, project stack up disappeared. Employees are less stressed and more productive, and delays following product announcements have decreased by 80%. 

House of Design, an Idaho-based robotics manufacturer, was burdened with a manual request process, inability to automatically assign work, and lack of visibility into capacity and effort. 

By streamlining workflows, requests, and their knowledge base Wrike has saved them 16,600+ manpower hours with a cost savings of $832,000 over three years. 

Arvig, a regional network service provider and hypergrowth organization, struggled with managing large teams, increased workloads, project visibility, efficiency, and coordination between teams across multiple distributed locations. This led to project delays, missed deadlines, reduced productivity, ineffective project handoffs, under-utilized resources, and employee frustration. With Wrike, Arvig is now aligned on an enterprise-level and is thriving in an extremely competitive industry. 

With so many powerful and positive customer engagements it became clear that our brand could do a better job amplifying and communicating this story. 

The new brand

Our new brand is more than just a logo or a color palette change. The refreshed Wrike represents our updated mission and vision statements, refined narrative, and a new visual identity.

Wrike is the perfect fit for the enterprise because we offer what they need: reliability, scalability, security, operational efficiency, and customizability.

Wrike is the perfect fit for the hypergrowth organization because we address their need for agility, speed, ROI, value, and scalability. 

Our versatility manifests in the range of use cases we support, the variety of industries we’re present in, the adaptability by any user, the customizability to any department, team or use case, and the breadth of things that can be done on Wrike. 

We’re working with leading global brands and helping them run entire sections of their business on Wrike. We’re engaged in global, custom deployments across multiple departments, business units, and sub-brands, and are creating mature processes based on our learnings. We’re creating success recipes to help enterprises improve operational efficiencies by providing consultation and services. 

With our new brand we’ll be elaborating on these narratives through all of our engagements with our audiences. So stay tuned for our stories. 

Meet the reimagined Wrike

To bring our new strategy and vision to life, we’re updating our user experience and brand identity. 

The reimagined Wrike is our effort to sustain this momentum and signal to the world that Wrike is adapting to the changing business landscape and actively addressing an increasing base of sophisticated users and enterprise customers. 

This starts in-app with the updated user experience that improves efficiency, ease-of-use, and adoption. It includes many usability and navigation improvements, including the user’s personalized homepage where they’ll find what they need quickly. 

The new experience will appeal to everyone from power users who manage complex, cross-functional workflows, to individual contributors who need to collaborate and track a project’s progress. The updated Wrike experience makes it simpler for anyone to do the best work of their life.

New visual identity

When we started brainstorming the concepts for our new brand, we had a few goals:

  • Seed our consumers with happy and positive sentiments.
  • Communicate our story of versatility in a simple and powerful way.
  • Connect instantly with all types of audiences.

First, today’s consumers are exposed to 5,000+ advertisements and brand exposures per day. We wanted our visual experience to provide instant relief from brand fatigue. So we created a color palette and concept that's soothing and delightful. We also wanted to make it easy for consumers to find and consume information. So we used big, bold fonts with ample whitespace that make it easy to process content with minimal cognitive load. 

Second, Wrike’s new look and feel brings to life our high-level story: Standardization + Configurability = Versatility.  Standardization comes in many forms, like process, workflows, automations, artificial intelligence/machine learning, scale, power, and more while configurability denotes the people or human aspect of the people-process-technology relationship. 

The Wrike Brand Refresh 4

In the brand system, shapes are used to depict standardization while hand-drawn patterns to denote configurability. We bring these elements together to clearly and elegantly portray the relationship between technology and our customer need for versatility. Our ultimate goal is to weave versatility into every thread of our design.

And finally, we needed a tone, voice, and visual language that appealed to all types of audiences – from highly creative to deeply technical professionals. So we needed a brand that would be equally appealing to left- and right-brained consumers and everybody in between. After all, the purpose of versatility is to be able to speak to all types of audiences. 

I started my career as a software engineer and then moved to marketing. As a marketer I've marketed to varied audiences like IT, marketing, HR, retail, and more. I learned that different audiences had different sensibilities. As a brand that has a wide range of customers across all industries, departments, and personas, we wanted to create an emotional connection with the right-brained audiences while building instant credibility with the left-brained ones. 

The combination of shapes and hand-drawn patterns brings these two sides together beautifully. 

The new visual identity uses both rich illustrations and photography, along with a delightful combination of eye-catching colors, shape, and patterns, to infuse our brand’s personality into the user experience and evoke the right emotive response. The refined brand voice and tone convey our human-side, our positivity, team-focus, pragmatism, and expertise.

With the new experience and design, our goal is to give every prospect and customer a delightful, intuitive, and unified experience throughout their interaction with our brand. More importantly, we wanted to seed our audiences with positive sentiments and evoke an emotional connection with every engagement. So our customers feel the passion for our solutions from their very first interaction with the Wrike brand.