Please note: As of July 1, 2021, this feature may no longer be packaged as described in this blog post. Our award-winning software still has the same versatile capabilities as before, however. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Every day, 300 million of us participate in a Zoom meeting. Another way to look at that number is every citizen of Italy, Thailand, Russia, and Australia is in a Zoom meeting — right now. 

For many businesses, Zoom meetings, living in Slack, and whatever other hacks they’ve come up with to be productive are the “new” or “next” normal. A normal that can be summed up as a dispersed workforce doing complex work using a variety of project and collaboration management tools to get the work done. 

Obviously, this presents challenges, especially for creative and marketing teams whose superpower is supposed to be speed. The source of their speed was their proximity. To work in-person on concepts then create and launch quickly was how a lot of teams combated cumbersome processes, whether they were writing creative briefs, holding brainstorming sessions, providing and responding to feedback, and finally, gathering approvals. 

Without having your copywriter, designer, account manager, etc. elbow to elbow, much less in the same ZIP code, the pace has slowed to a crawl. 

This is doubly dicey because in the new normal, going fast has never been more vital, and a company’s online presence is often the only way customers can find them.

As if that’s not anxiety-producing enough, online consumer expectations have never been higher. Customers engage with content that is interactive, animated, video-based, scrollable. Concepting, creating, iterating, integrating feedback, and getting complex digital campaigns up and converting all while maintaining visibility, with full accessibility, in a collaborative, efficient way, is no small undertaking. Or, more succinctly, getting digital work done, approved, and launched quickly is a must. 

Deliver Better HTML Web Content Faster with Wrike Proof 2

Many companies, from boutique agencies to enterprise and hypergrowth organizations, have reduced approval drag via Wrike Proof. And, as of today, these companies will be able to go faster and experience a more fluid communication and collaboration process with the arrival of Wrike Proof for HTML. 

Created for marketers and creatives who struggle with the chaotic review of web content, HTML is an addition to Wrike Proof that streamlines and centralizes the review process of HTML web content so your team can produce with higher quality and speed. 

With support for HTML web content in Wrike, Wrike for Marketers and Wrike Proof subscribers can preview, proof, and approve HTML web pages and emails in Wrike.

  • Streamline and centralize the review and approval process, ensuring teams deliver better creative faster 
  • Specify approvers and set approval deadlines to smooth the approval process
  • Invite clients and stakeholders to participate in the review and approval process with or without a Wrike license for a more open collaboration process 
  • Keep time-sensitive projects on deadline and on budget 
  • Get up and running quickly with a familiar user experience, which eliminates the learning curve 

Deliver Better HTML Web Content Faster with Wrike Proof 3

Wrike Proof is fully integrated into the Wrike platform to provide a seamless digital workflow across planning, execution, collaboration, approval, and reporting. 

Delivering an enhanced and seamless user experience for reviewing digital assets and HTML web content without losing context, Wrike Proof for HTML aligns with the needs of businesses as they plan for the “next normal” phase, where accelerating the velocity of digital content to reach a broader audience will be critical.

Wrike Proof for HTML is available for Wrike for Marketers and Wrike for Marketers Enterprise accounts and Professional, Business, and Enterprise accounts with the Wrike Proof add-on. Account owners can start a 14-day free trial of the Wrike Proof add-on from the Account Management section. Once Wrike Proof for HTML is enabled, all user types (including collaborators) can use it.