What's more annoying than sitting around in an unproductive funk all day? How about trying to get yourself in the mood to work by trying out productivity tips that have never actually helped anyone? No thanks! (Last week I did a handstand against a wall in the office to "get my blood flowing." It just made me dizzy.)

So we did some research at Wrike HQ to see what our coworkers are doing to stay focused in the office. Their first suggestion was to stop doing handstands. And then they shared some insightful advice from their own tried-and-true productivity arsenal, including:

  • Color-coding your calendar by activity type
  • Starting off your day by helping your colleagues with their work
  • Looking around at your desk space — and fixing it up to make it a better space for focusing

Watch our quick three-minute video to hear ten pieces of advice that are actually helping office workers get more done, straight from the mouths of our most productive Wrikers:

What productivity tips have you tried?

Are you a productivity junkie? Have you tried every productivity tip you could find online, along with a few of your own homespun concoctions? Let us know what has helped you focus during a long day in the office (and what doesn't help at all) — we all want to learn from your experience.

Here's to a more productive workplace for all!

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