Have you noticed your coworkers exhibiting any of these strange and deadly symptoms?

  • Stumbling in late and leaving early.
  • Glassy eyes staring blankly at a computer monitor.
  • Dragging their feet completing tasks and disregarding work from home rules.
  • Moaning about your company to other employees.
  • Taking longer and longer lunch breaks.
  • More often tapping on their phones than on their work laptops.

If any of these sound familiar, watch out — your workplace is infected with… THE WORKING DEAD.

And it’s not just your office: the epidemic has already infected 70% of workers. They’re everywhere! And they’re sucking the life out of U.S. businesses to the tune of $550 billion a year.

Grab your shotgun, barricade the door, and check out the full infographic below to see exactly how deadly this contagious disease really is.

The Working Dead: An Epidemic of Disengaged Employees (Infographic)
Source: OfficeVibe.com

Get the Cure to Deadly Employee Disengagement

You can reengage your employees using the SCARF method. Read more on it here, and let us know what you think.

If you've cured an epidemic of the working dead, share your best advice with everyone in the comments. Thanks for helping eradicate this disease!

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