Meetings. Emails. Reports. Deadlines. 

If you're staring down a mile-long to-do list and thinking, "I don't want to do any of this. I wonder what's new on social media?" — then keep reading. 

With so many demands on your time and attention, what wouldn't you do for a few extra hours each day? But before you go buying tomato timers and shiny new productivity apps, know this: getting more done doesn't require complicated habits. The secrets to greater productivity are surprisingly simple. 

Whether you need a shot of motivation, a little extra focus, help prioritizing, or some clever time-saving tricks, this infographic covers over 75 quick and simple productivity tips you can start using right now. 

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Get the full set of Productivity Tips Cards to share with coworkers, or to print and post at your desk. Why not shuffle the deck and try a new one every day?

Want more productivity tips?

Download a free PDF with an additional 25 tried-and-true productivity tips to help you power through your to-do list. 


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