Studies report that happy workers are 31% more productive, with up to 37% higher sales and three times the creativity as the rest of your workforce (Harvard Business Review). Isn't that enough incentive to keep your people happy as they spend upwards of eight hours a day contributing to your bottom line? The infographic below shows 13 ways to make your workforce smile. Then keep reading for a list of 7 more ways to help your people grow and prosper in their work. 20 Ways to Build a Happy & More Productive Workforce Use this code to embed the infographic on your blog:

Bonus: 7 Ways to Focus on Your People's Needs

1. Listen to Feedback and Show Action When you ask for feedback, listen. Show that you are acting on suggestions. Knowing that management is listening and taking feedback seriously increases the general positive vibe in your organization. 2. Give Them a Chance to Grow You will lose people if they fear their jobs are dead ends. It's important to give everyone clear career paths and opportunities for ongoing education, online classes, webinar attendance, industry events, etc. 3. Support Remote Work & Flexible Schedules If you really want to attract top performers, you must allow for flexible schedules and remote work. This means you need an online system to track work (like Wrike!), and a protocol for communicating with remote workers so that projects run smoothly. 4. Give People Their Choice of Supplies & Tools Don't skimp on supplies, and give your people their choice of tools, whether it's Mac vs. Windows, a standing desk, floor mat, or dual monitors. Allowing them to pick their tools helps them be more productive right away, and they'll love working on a machine they picked themselves. 5. Give Them Unlimited PTO You're hiring intelligent, capable adults, right? Then allow them to take time off without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. Unlimited PTO is prevalent in startup companies, particularly in the tech industry. But even non-startups have switched to unlimited PTO precisely because it creates a massive amount of good will. 6. Give Them Top-Tier Benefits You won't attract and retain star performers with meager benefits packages unless you're a struggling startup with a killer product and vision that everyone's sure will make it big. The quality of your benefits shows how much you value your people. Make them as substantial as possible! 7. Give Them Unlimited Coffee (and Snacks) Coffee and snacks are probably the simplest way to please your team. But please try giving them good coffee and healthy snacks, okay?

What Would Make You Happy?

If you have better suggestions on perks that would please you or your team, hit the comments and tell us more!