Since launching Wrike Requests, we've received a lot of positive feedback about how easy it has become to gather info on a job BEFORE it's assigned to someone. We soon added the ability to attach files to Request forms, providing even more clarity and context so both you and your team can start work immediately.

Here's the latest functionality!

You now have the ability to share your Request forms externally, with non-Wrike users. External forms are especially beneficial for vendors who receive requests from clients in the form of emails, phone calls and the like, or for those who work with external teams that have previously resisted joining Wrike as collaborators.

How External Forms Work

To make your Request form available to a non-Wrike user, check the box next to “Make available externally.” It's that simple.

You can also create external links for forms that already exist:

  • Click your profile image in the upper right-hand corner of the Workspace and select “Account Management" then the “Request forms” tab
  • Locate the Request you want to share externally and click on the name to open the form
  • Select "Make available externally" and then "Save & Publish"
  • Click the arrow icon that appears in the Access column. The Request will open in a new tab and you can copy and paste the URL from there

New: Request Forms for External, Non-Wrike Users

A few important points to remember:

  • Anyone with a URL link to the Request form can fill out and submit the form
  • You are required to enter your name and email when using the URL
  • When someone submits a Request form they will get an email confirmation letting them know that their Request was successfully submitted
  • Request forms filled out by non-Wrike users are added to the Folder/Project designated for that Request, and their name and email are listed at the top of the resulting task

Now, go forth and share those Request forms!

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