Marketers have to be master jugglers. They need to keep an eye on dozens of different tasks, instantly shifting their attention as opportunities arise and priorities change. With new projects and campaigns constantly being added to the mix, soon they're scrambling to keep everything in the air. Marketing teams need tools to help untangle the mess of tasks and timelines, coordinate multiple teams and initiatives, and fine-tune teamwork for future campaign success.

Let's take a look at how the marketing team at (fictitious) company ACMEsoft masters their workflow with Wrike's latest Enterprise features.

ACMEsoft’s software development team has pulled more than a few all-nighters to get their product ready in time for launch. Now, they’re passing the torch to the marketing department to prepare for the promotional push. To generate buzz around the product and company, the marketing team is planning a full-on media blitz. But with so many tasks to juggle, schedules to wrangle, and feature details to remember, they're discovering it’s only too easy for things to start spinning out of control.

Create a Project Command Center

Meet Sarah, the Head of Marketing at ACMEsoft. In order to get a handle on this huge marketing project, she creates a new, custom Dashboard specifically for the upcoming product launch. She includes:

  • A Baseline Chart widget so she can check actual progress against planned deadlines.
  • A widget based on her “Written Content” folder that includes press releases, website copy, company blog posts and social media, so key messaging is consistent and easily accessible.
  • A widget of the "Media" folder with a full schedule of upcoming interviews and opportunities.
  • A widget based on the software team's Product Development folder with the latest product details and release updates.

Sarah then shares her project dashboard with the rest of her team. Everyone sees the same view of exactly which tasks need to be prioritized, and they can access critical information from wherever they happen to be. And since everyone can see who’s assigned to specific tasks, they'll know exactly where to go with questions to get timely answers.

Customize the Workspace

Now that her team has their project command center, Sarah customizes her reports page to monitor key statistics. She removes widgets she doesn’t use to get an uncluttered view of the information she actually cares about. And she adds a new chart: Tasks by Users. Now she can see each team member’s workload and productivity and can balance assignments to make sure no one’s overwhelmed or in danger of missing deadlines.

Finally, Sarah spruces up her team’s workspace by adding the ACMEsoft logo. With the team spending so much time both on developing the product and on the marketing launch, she wants to remind her colleagues of the company’s incredible progress and bring that sense of pride and team identity directly into their workspace.

Sarah got her team together to manage the perfect media blitz. Learn more about how Wrike's new Enterprise features can help you build your own team or project command center.