Please note: As of July 1, 2021, the features and functionality referenced in this blog post may no longer be packaged as described below. Don’t worry — our award-winning software still contains all the same capabilities we’re known for. Check out our pricing page or contact our sales team for more information.

We know delivering breakthrough creative campaigns that stand out in the market is one of the most critical and most difficult feats to achieve. You've also told us that cross-team coordination and collaboration are vital but complex to navigate.

After talking with hundreds of marketing and creative teams, we set out to build a NEW tool to supercharge your creativity. Today, we announce our newest solution tailor-made for marketing & creative teams, one that will help turn inspiration into execution.

Wrike for Marketers gives you the freedom to focus on your creative journey while we take care of the administrative necessities. Wrike for Marketers supports your entire end-to-end workflow: Wrike Requests, Wrike's Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, and finally, Proofing & Approval. It enables you to:

  • Ideate & Plan: Assign and schedule work easily when you begin with a clear creative brief
  • Create & Perfect: Wrike's extension for Adobe® Creative Cloud® places Wrike's most important features into the Adobe tools you use every day
  • Review & Approve: Keep productivity flowing with faster review & approvals on digital images and documents
  • Launch & Report: Track performance with real-time Reports

The creative journey starts with the request

You begin every creative job with a request, which is why we built Wrike Requests as your creative brief. It speeds up the work intake process by giving you complete, accurate info from the start. Now you can simplify how you gather requirements and standardize your team’s process so you begin work faster and with clear direction.

Wrike Requests:

  • Are available via URL for non-Wrike users— no authentication required
  • Improve visibility into progress for key stakeholders
  • Allow you to attach files to requests for more clarity and context

Announcing Wrike's New Solution for Marketing & Creative Teams - wrike for marketers

Jumpstart inspiration with Wrike's extension for Adobe® Creative Cloud®

Tired of having to toggle between apps? Say goodbye to the days of leaving the Adobe Creative Cloud to manage your projects in Wrike. This extension brings the most needed features of Wrike into Adobe CC. Starting with Photoshop and Illustrator, the extension allows you to quickly find a Wrike task, view a creative brief, add comments, and even mark tasks complete. The most exciting feature is the ability to upload finished work into Wrike and then update it with just one click — no need to convert and save it locally.

Download Wrike's extension for Adobe Creative Cloud to:

  • Attach previews of your Adobe projects to Wrike tasks
  • Update and track different versions of your attachments
  • Quickly open local files that are linked to tasks
  • View and search for tasks
  • Change task status
  • Read and reply to comments

Announcing Wrike's New Solution for Marketing & Creative Teams

Productivity Flows Faster with Proofing & Approval

After the creative job comes the review process. Wrike Proofing & Approval will keep your productivity and creativity flowing with faster reviews and approvals of your digital images and documents. Proofing makes it easy for your team to add comments to a specific area of a digital image or document. Simply open any image in Wrike, click the area you want to comment on, and start typing. Approvals organize and bring transparency to the entire review process while keeping everyone accountable. All this clear and actionable feedback ensures that only the right version makes it out the door!

We've activated a trial of Proofing & Approval in all Pro, Business, and Enterprise accounts for you.Announcing Wrike's New Solution for Marketing & Creative Teams - wrike for marketers

Announcing Wrike's New Solution for Marketing & Creative Teams - wrike for marketers

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