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Work requests come in all shapes and sizes: big requests, small requests, requests via email, requests via conference call, and probably one of the most dreaded the "pop-in" request.


We've all had our share of giving and receiving requests in different ways, so it's no surprise that this feature was one of the most-wanted among our users. Wrike's latest feature, Requests, helps you control, manage, prioritize, and track your incoming work all in one place. Here's a step-by-step guide to building your first form:

Step 1: Access your Request form builder

  • Go to "Account Management" and click on the "Requests" tab


Step 2: Set up your form

  • Click “+ Add form” and title it
  • Click “+ Folder” and select the Folder or Project (or Subfolder/Subproject) where tasks associated with this request submission should be added.
  • Click “+ Assignee” and choose who the task should be assigned to.

Step 3: Add fields to your Request

This step helps ensure you receive the all the information you need to complete the request, and that it is all automatically entered into the task.

  • Click “+ Add” and choose the type of field you want to add:

- short answer
- paragraph
- dropdown
- checkboxes
- date field
- importance

Step 4: Map responses

Mapping responses tells Wrike where to display those responses in the task. For example, if you map a short field answer to the description, that answer will appear in the task description once it is created.


Step 5: Publish or save your new request form

  • Once you've finalized your Request, click “Publish” to save the Request and make it available to your team in the Workspace. Once a Request is published, all users can see it and use it to submit requests.
  • If you wish to keep your Request private, click “Save as Draft.” A Request that is saved as a draft, and not published, can only be seen by admins in the Account Management section. It is not available in the Workspace.


If you're interested in learning more about Requests or how to edit/cancel a Request, visit our
help center for more details. If you're interested in setting up an approvals process in Wrike, take a look at this how-to post.

How will Wrike Requests help you organize your office inquiries? 

Share your suggestions in the comments.

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