Please note: As of July 1, 2021, the features and functionality referenced in this blog post may no longer be packaged as described below. Don’t worry, our award-winning software still contains all the same capabilities we’re known for. Check out our pricing page or contact our sales team for more information.

When it comes to project management, what’s a surefire way to improve performance, prevent breakdowns, and achieve business objectives? Gain visibility into project progress. 

The challenge lies in gaining deep visibility into your data. In fact, a lack of visibility can hurt your team and even push large projects to run 20% over time. Unfortunately, you don’t always have the technical resources to help. And without these resources, it can be challenging to create the custom reports you need for your specific use cases and display them in a meaningful and digestible way.

You typically have two options when it comes to building customized and advanced reports. You can export data and use a spreadsheet to build reports. Or you can employ an analyst and leverage a separate business intelligence (BI) tool. It can be challenging to get the reports you need with the former, and the latter requires resources you might not always have.

But what if there was a reporting option that was as powerful as a BI tool but more accessible for business users? And what if it was already built into your collaborative work management software?

Meet Wrike Analyze. 

Wrike Analyze bridges the gap between spreadsheets and BI tools by offering advanced reports and analytics that are easily accessible within Wrike. This means it’s never been more straightforward to gain actionable insights for all your projects.

Move beyond the limitations of basic reports with Wrike Analyze

Create powerful, diverse analytics dashboards that align with your teams’ objectives without needing a separate BI tool.

Meet Wrike Analyze - Bringing Business Intelligence Into Wrike 2

  • Gain greater visibility into project progress as well as team and project performance so you can prevent bottlenecks and respond quickly to issues.
  • Get business intelligence within Wrike so you can focus more on achieving your objectives and less on crunching numbers.
  • Display data more effectively by choosing from a diverse set of visualizations so you can easily communicate key metrics with stakeholders.
  • Ensure your team gets the insight it needs by building highly customized advanced reports that align with your unique use cases.

Wrike Analyze offers these features and more

  • Customizable views: pie, bar, line, area, pivot table, map, and many more
  • Prebuilt report templates
  • Customizable, interactive analytics dashboards
  • Advanced filtering and formulas
  • Dashboard sharing
  • The ability to drill down to Wrike data
  • Fully integrated into Wrike

Meet Wrike Analyze - Bringing Business Intelligence Into Wrike 3

Whether you’re presenting to upper management or looking to better understand how your team is doing, Wrike Analyze gives you the power of a BI tool with no analyst required.

Get accessible and powerful reporting today

Wrike Analyze is available as an add-on to Business, Wrike for Marketers, Wrike for Professional Services, and Enterprise plans.

Start using Wrike Analyze today to get powerful analytics and reporting within Wrike!