3 Ways to Make Work Easier with Wrike's Google Chrome Extension

Wrike's Google Chrome extension allows you to build a bridge between Wrike and any other browser-based tools that you use. When you create a task from a page online, the Extension embeds a hyperlink back to that page in the task. In essence, it's a fast way to bookmark and discuss web content with your team. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use it.

1. Learn together

The web is full of content that can inform your work and drive your creativity. If you stumble upon an article you think your team can learn from, use the Chrome Extension to start a discussion thread.

2. Keep track of items you need (or just want)

Want it? Need it? Gotta have it? If you find that killer new "Toy" online that you know will make your life easier, you can easily direct it to right place for sign off. You can even grab a screenshot and highlight pricing information to include it in the description. Three Ways to Wrike It Down with Wrike's Google Chrome Extension

3. Wrike within Wrike (aka Wrikeception)

Since all items in Wrike have a unique URL,  you can use the Google Chrome Extension to save and share custom timelines, lists, and reports. With a few clicks, you can ask your team to explain a delay, or share your stellar progress with your boss.

Three Ways to Wrike It Down with Wrike's Google Chrome Extension

Since the URL is embedded directly in the task, it's easy for the viewer to jump back to the source (selected filters and all) to review it in its native format. Tip: You can capture multiple screenshots, so feel free to scroll around large projects to highlight areas of interest.

Three Ways to Wrike It Down with Wrike's Google Chrome Extension

How do you use our Chrome Extension?

These are just a few examples of how you can bridge your digital worlds with the Wrike Google Chrome Extension. Our Chrome Extension is free and available to all Wrike users. Install it here and share your favorite ways to get work done from anywhere on the web!

Read more about our Google Chrome Extension here.

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