It's Friday once again! Time for the weekly Work Management Roundup where we pull together our favorite reads on productivity, the workplace, and strategies to work more efficiently. So grab your drink of choice and warm up your Wrike Chrome extension to bookmark the articles you'll want to read later on the train home. Here they are:

How to Identify One Key Task Each Day to Make Consistent Progress: If you're drowning in to-do items and stressed over prioritizing them, identifying your “MIT”, or Most Important Task, the night before can help you move forward.

How One CEO Achieves Inbox Zero Everyday: While Inbox Zero may be a dream for most of us, the CEO of PubMatic does it every single day. Here are his secrets to efficiently responding to and clearing out his emails.

Handy List of Retrospective Techniques: Are you wrapping up a project? Then you may want to use one of these handy project retrospective techniques to look back, review what happened, and identify lessons your team learned.

Coloring Books are Catching On for Adults: Looking to de-stress after a long day at work? Well, "coloring books for adults" are apparently all the rage right now, as they appeal to childhood nostalgia while allowing us to flex creative muscles using crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

More Work Management Must-Reads:

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