Welcome to the Friday Work Management Roundup, where we bring together the week's best reads on productivity and work efficiency. You can also opt to read these links on our accompanying Flipboard mag. This week, we have links for doing more, learning more, and simply being more awesome. Read on.

Top Recommendations This Week

  • Solve Problems by Thinking Small (Conversation Agent): Big problems? Find a small part of it and tackle that with a child's curiosity.
  • Why Happy Employees Are 12% More Productive (Fast Company): It's no surprise that workers harnessing positive emotions are more collaborative and productive. Meanwhile, their unhappy counterparts are 10% less productive than the average worker.
  • Want a Better Pitch? Watch This (Medium): Elon Musk shows entrepreneurs 5 things that you should emulate in every pitch you give, no matter who's in the elevator.

Do More

Learn More

  • 34 Educational Resources for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (Bplans): Building your startup? Check out this list of 34 resources broken into useful categories.
  • The Top TED Talks That Will Change How You Work (The Telegraph): Looking for work inspiration? These TED talks on leadership, motivation, career, and more will challenge how you think and communicate at work.
  • Top 10 Productivity Books on Amazon (SumoHacks): Book recommendations for the avid reader and productivity enthusiast.

Even More Must-Reads in Work Management

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