Working on task descriptions in Wrike with your peers is easy and fun thanks to our lightning-fast Live Editor. In fact, the descriptions serve like online documents! They are saved in real time, can be edited by several people simultaneously, and have the essential formatting tools. And today, we enhanced the text formatting toolkit with a color marker to help you be sure everyone notices important points.

Another great way to use colors is creating your team’s secret color coding scheme ;-) For example, when you’re sharing ideas with each other in Wrike, you can mark your favorite in green, and give less appealing suggestions a red mark of disapproval.

The great news is that the marker is transparently integrated with other tools, like MS Word and email. If you paste text with color highlights from another source, it remains highlighted in the task. Since color palettes vary in different editing tools, the shade gets adjusted to its closest equivalent in Wrike. For example, pink becomes red, and brown is converted into black.

How about coloring up some of your Wrike tasks? :)