As your work continuously gathers pace, Wrike project management software is keeping up, too. Now we introduce a new, super-fast tool for creating multiple tasks. This is a great feature that makes laborious things much easier. It comes in really handy when you need to quickly pinpoint new to-dos during a meeting or outline a new project with the major tasks that go into it.

How it works

By default, the newly created tasks are backlogged with a one-day duration. This allows you to treat them as notes until you decide to schedule or assign to someone on your team. Often, you might need to assign all new tasks to the same person or schedule them on the same date in a batch. In this case, you might find the multiple-editing feature very helpful.

For your convenience, when you create new tasks in the list sorted by date, the new tasks are put in the “Later” group (yes, there are groups in the task list now!).

New shortcuts

'Shift + Enter' to insert new tasks in the middle of the list

If the task list you created is rather long, you don’t have to scroll down to create new tasks – just click on any task, hold Shift and press Enter to insert new tasks in the middle of the list.

It’s especially convenient when your task list is sorted by priority. The tasks stay right where you inserted them, keeping the order of your priorities. With other sortings, the tasks will be reordered accordingly in real time. Say, if you created new tasks in the group of tasks planned for today and then schedule them a week ahead, they’ll be instantly moved to the group called “this week” for your convenience.

'Enter' to edit task titles inline

If you need to change the task name while navigating the task list with arrow keys, just press Enter and start editing the task name. Then press Enter again to save the changes.

After the title is edited, you are automatically taken to creation of a new task. You can start typing to create a new task, or click Enter again to get back to the previous task. If you changed your mind while editing the task name and want to keep the existing title, press Esc. This might sound a bit complicated, but it just involves pressing Enter and typing, so just try it and you’ll quickly get it!

Enjoy the fast pace and increased efficiency of your work!