There is nothing quite as satisfying as being the first runner to cross the finish line or toting a winning gold medal. The thought of victory often pushes people to do their very best. It only makes sense, then, that this mentality leads to productivity gains in the workplace. By integrating gamification with team task management, companies can inspire a healthy level of competitiveness among employees.

Game Over: Why Traditional Team Task Management Doesn't Work

Work environments vary depending where you look. While many companies continue holding a physical office, others have done away with it and have found a happy medium with work-from-home policies. Because of these changes, what once worked for a manager might not fit current needs.

For example, as Forbes explains, forcing employees into a traditional 40-hour work week with limited vacation time puts too much emphasis on the where, when, and how. To manage workers — especially remote ones — it's vital to focus on the results they generate. That is, companies may do well to stop counting work hours and start tallying completed tasks.

Player 1 Start: Gamify for the Best Team Task Management

The Wall Street Journal defines gamification as keeping track of achievements, much like how a player might level up in a video game, even when in a non-game setting like the office. Gamifying team task management allows you to accommodate innovative ideas and varied working styles — and it's also fun.

According to 2015 data from Gallup, nearly 70% of the US workforce is disengaged at work. This disconnect can lead to anything from decreased productivity to higher stress. Another Gallup report revealed that focusing on employee strengths, or wins, can lead to a sixfold increase in engagement. An effective task manager can do this by identifying an individual's strengths and giving them the opportunity to apply them when reaching goals. Gamification allows for this by setting clear objectives and giving each team player a unique role that plays on his or her strong suits.

Level Up: How to Do It

How can you apply gamification in the workplace and manage team tasks? Here's a quick overview:

  • Find the right team task management app. You will need an effective software or app to keep track of project statuses so you can actually measure the progress of each employee.
  • Identify company values. According to Fast Company, what employees aim to achieve should coincide with what the business wants to achieve. That means if a company wants to drive customer engagement, employees who earn positive ratings on consumer experience are the true winners.
  • Set clear benchmarks and criteria. For example, create a deadline for projects, and those who adhere to the schedule receive a prize.

Integrate Gamification into Your Team

Managing a project can be both easy and fun with the help of Wrike. Your marketing team deserves an organized system — and we have the app to get you there. Our team task management tools will help you make the most of online marketing strategies while also tracking employee progress. This allows you to reward people for reaching goals, the gamified way. Start your free 2-week trial of Wrike today.


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