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<h5>Part 1: Discovering New Strategies for Long-Term Success</h5>
Part 1: Discovering New Strategies for Long-Term Success

Want to know the optimum efficiency measures that guarantee long-term growth and success? Get unparalleled insights and practical solutions from one company doing it right!

<h5>Part 2: The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Wrike, featuring&nbsp;Forrester</h5>
Part 2: The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Wrike, featuring Forrester

Our panel of experts dive deep into the commissioned Forrester Consulting TEI study, a coveted resource unveiling the considerable economic benefits and cost savings of enterprise work management software. Empower your decisions with industry-leading insights.

Meet the speakers

<h5>Esther Flammer</h5>
CMO, Wrike
Esther Flammer

Esther has led numerous marketing organizations, earning her a spot on the Denver Business Journal’s 2021 Outstanding Women in Business list. She’s driven acquisitions at high-growth technology companies like Conga and Return Path.

<h5>Charly Baune</h5>
Manager, Media Division at Arvig
Charly Baune

Charly aspires to grow Arvig’s Media division into every state, currently, the division has customers in 30 states. He draws on extensive experience in operational roles at major retail stores & a deep understanding of digital marketing.

<h5>Emma Conroy, Guest&nbsp;Speaker</h5>
Consultant, Total Economic Impact, Forrester
Emma Conroy, Guest Speaker

Emma, a Forrester TEI consultant, merges quantitative and qualitative research to elucidate tech investments' financial impact. She brings expertise from experience working in diverse domains including AI, cloud, and martech.

<h5>Emily Trussler</h5>
Head of Digital, Lead Express
Emily Trussler

With over 8 years’ experience in B2B lead generation, Emily’s role at Lead Express involves driving efficiency & profitability through digital systems & processes as well as overseeing digital strategies for Lead Express clients.

<h5>Dan Wallack</h5>
Senior Project Manager, Carvana
Dan Wallack

Dan expertly manages a high-growth real estate portfolio using Wrike, streamlining workspaces & fostering cross-team integration across multiple industries – adapting how his team efficiently uses Wrike for profitable productivity.

<p>Propel your team towards a more productive tomorrow!</p>

Propel your team towards a more productive tomorrow!

<p>Propel your team towards a more productive tomorrow!</p>