Not everyone on your team has to be a certified PMP to reap the benefits of project management for marketing. Even an understanding of just a few basic project management principles and processes can help your team be better organized, more efficient, and enjoy improved results. In short, basic project management means you can achieve more with less effort and stress. 

But project management training can sound like a chore to your team, who may see it as just stuffy processes and restrictive rules — or simply more work than it's worth.  

So where do you start? Which principles or processes will have the biggest positive impact with the least amount of effort and disruptive change? Start with these three project management tips to get the most bang for your buck:

1. Better Project Planning

As every project manager knows, getting all your ducks in an row before your project starts will save you an aspirin-bottle’s worth of headaches later on. Every effective plan starts with determining your goals, and that means sitting down with stakeholders to figure out exactly what their needs and expectations are. Only then can you define your deliverables and chart an efficient path towards producing them. 

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DroneCo CEO Dot's plans for the new HoverPup quadcopterDroneCo's plans for the new HoverPup quadcopter — click to view full size

2. Better Processes

Inefficient or broken processes can mean missed deadlines, overshot budgets, and work that doesn’t meet requirements — in short, wasted efforts and project failure. Fix the root cause of your frustrations by adopting a few principles from Lean project management: simplifying your processes and cutting out waste. Do it right, and your team will be able to get things done faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

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3. Better Solutions for Next Time

Nothing’s worse than the horrible déjà vu of recurring work frustrations. Keep the same old problems from popping up time and again by taking some time at the end of your project to reflect on what went well, what didn’t, and what you’ll change for next time. That way, each project makes your team better and stronger.

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So no, marketers are not allergic to project management. It's nurture vs. nature - nothing a little basic PM training can't fix! See how Wrike can help you coordinate your team, adjust to changing priorities, and keep every campaign organized and on track.

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