Need to generate more leads? Improve conversion rates? Boost your brand’s online presence? To be successful in any of these tactical areas, you need digital marketing “chops.” As organizations were forced to speed up their digital transformation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital marketing skills have become more valuable today than ever.

Marketers who continue to improve their digital marketing skills not only keep their competitive edge but also open themselves and their businesses up to exciting opportunities. In this guide, we cover three crucial areas where marketers should be honing their skills.

1. Digital marketing skills you need to succeed

  • Social media skills: As online social content becomes more popular, social media skills become more valuable. In general, you want to understand your market demographic and create useful, targeted social content.
  • Content and copywriting: Creating valuable digital copy is the marketing backbone of today's most successful businesses. Even when you're not running a marketing campaign, it's worth being intentional about your digital content and other written media assets.
  • Analytics marketing skills: You must track, analyze, and measure your marketing ROI against your marketing goals and metrics. Studying your marketing performance data for meaningful, actionable insights is a high-leverage skill that sets you apart. 
  • Data visualization skills: When it comes to success for the company, brands that can share valuable proprietary data insights in easy-to-understand visual formats offer a unique value.
  • Technical marketing skills: Technical marketing skills are more critical than ever. Clients or stakeholders may test a digital marketer’s ability to deliver by running performance-based marketing campaigns before signing a longer-term contract.

And more! Make sure to download the eBook for your free digital marketing guide to see the five additional skills marketers need to succeed.

2. Top 3 trends in digital marketing and what they mean for marketers

Our tactical digital marketing guide focuses on three of the biggest forces driving some of the strongest trends in digital marketing right now: 

  • Big data intelligence: The prevalence of big data relating to marketers’ audiences is making it easier for brands to offer hyper-personalized and relevant experiences, which in turn drives the expectation of consumers.
  • Digital ad growth: The use of digital advertising continues to grow, at almost 15% CAGR, and according to Marketing Charts the digital advertising market has now eclipsed TV advertising by more than $30B. 
  • Shift in budget to prioritize digital: A recent Gartner CMO Spend Survey indicated expected spending on digital marketing to be 54% of a CMO’s budget by 2024 — up from 44% in 2019. 

What do these trends mean for marketers?

For marketers doing the work behind great brands, creating great content, and working to engage their audiences, these trends mean marketers need to focus on speed, impact, and consistency. For the rest of the story, read the full eBook. 

3. Your complete guide to marketing metrics

Too many marketing operations rely on basic metrics like lead volume and website traffic to measure their effectiveness. And while it's important to cover these essentials, failing to dive deeper means you’re missing out on key insights into your marketing plan and valuable opportunities for improvement. 

“Digital Marketer’s Guide: How To Drive Success at the Tactical Level” highlights 15 advanced marketing metrics to strengthen your campaigns, convert more customers, and reap a greater marketing ROI. Here’s a sneak peek at the first five:

  1. Cost per acquisition
  2. Cost per lead
  3. Customer lifetime value
  4. Click-through rate
  5. Bounce rate

In the complete tactical digital marketing guide, you’ll get access to the ten additional metrics to track, detailed explanations for calculating these measurements, and other bonus content for digital marketers — download here.

The digital marketer’s tactical guide

The digital marketer’s tactical guide

Skills, trends, and metrics crucial to success as a modern digital marketer.

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