While campaigns are the building blocks of your company’s brand house and key to success, marketing performance management is the foundation on which everything you do as a marketer rests. Performance management is the process senior leadership uses to ensure that a set of activities and outputs meets your organization's goals in an effective and efficient manner. 

A unified marketing performance management approach is becoming increasingly important due to:

  • A rising number of digital tools and platforms.
  • Demand and pressure on marketing teams to drive business goals
  • Average marketing spend increasing into the billions.
  • High-cost digital channels that must demonstrate ROI. 
  • Higher consumer expectations.

Marketing performance metrics need to be updated in real time and be accessible to teams so they can optimize channels and ensure cost-effectiveness. However, unified performance management remains a “hill too far” for most marketing teams who often find themselves sourcing inaccurate or out-of-date data, and relying on clumsy spreadsheets that they need to manually update. 

As a result, marketing performance management must become a priority for every player on the marketing team. Download the free “Ultimate Marketing Performance Management Toolkit” eBook and learn how to enhance your team’s unified approach to performance management. 

The guide covers:

  • Assessment of the marketing landscape and changing consumer behavior.
  • The five essential components of the marketing performance management toolkit.
  • The tools you need to achieve a unified performance management approach. 

“The Ultimate Marketing Performance Management Toolkit” is for marketing leaders and teams of any industry and size looking to formalize their marketing performance management strategy and optimize for outstanding results. It’s also for teams who need to integrate their adtech, martech, analytics, and creative stack in one place to achieve visibility of data and impact. 

Download “The Ultimate Marketing Performance Management Toolkit” today and ensure that you have performance at the center of everything you do.