We’re all searching for meaning and structure amidst the chaos of the new era of work. That’s why, at Wrike Collaborate 2021, our lineup of incredible speakers will focus on dismantling the complexities of the modern workplace, providing insight into how companies are resolving these issues in real time. 

Here’s a sneak peek into three exciting sessions at Collaborate 2021. 

The “dark matter’ of work and how to tackle it 

In his opening keynote, Andrew Filev, SVP and Wrike GM at Citrix will explore the “dark matter” of work, which he describes as the perfect metaphor for illustrating the newfound complexity of the modern workplace. 

“The European Council for Nuclear Research believes that we only see about 5% of all matter in the universe. Yet, the other 95% still exerts its gravitational force on the universe,” says Andrew. 

“I draw this parallel for our modern work environments. Most of the information related to work travels outside of the visible space of our system of records and instead lives in the dark matter of instant messages and video calls. This makes work difficult to deliver, and even harder to predict and scale.” 

Join Andrew’s insightful session on Day 1 at Collaborate for more insight into tackling the “dark matter” of work and implementing systems to bring all work into the light. 

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Essential transformations needed to succeed in a complex digital workplace 

Walk away with shared learnings and insights about how to adapt your approach to managing work in an increasingly complex digital environment. Mark Silvanovich, Director of Operational Excellence at Ostara; Brian Gotti, Program Manager of Marketing Operations at Geotab, and Brandi Suttles, IT Project Manager at the American Society of Hematology, will reflect on their past and current experiences, including:

  • How digital transformation is impacting every industry and why innovating new processes is key to staying ahead of the curve
  • Future predictions and plans being made now to prepare for challenges on the horizon
  • How to address growing employee burnout, productivity issues, and communication breakdown

Features to drive collaboration and productivity in a new era of work 

Discover what makes a collaborative work management system essential for teams in the modern workplace with insight into the unique feature updates in Wrike, as outlined in our upcoming product keynote at Collaborate. 

“With these new updates, we’re simplifying the conceptual model of our platform and making it even more effortless for organizations to deploy,” says Alexey Korotich, VP of Wrike Product, Citrix

“As companies look to the next phase in their digital transformation journey, they must seek out strategic, long-term partners that will improve their employee experience and drive their business forward. They’ll find that in Wrike. Whether you’re a startup launching into hyper-growth mode or an enterprise organization with thousands of complex workflows to manage, Wrike possesses the unique ability to orchestrate your work with ease.”

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Building the Workplace of Tomorrow at Collaborate 2021

Presenters and attendees at Collaborate 2021 will explore the big topics surrounding collaborative work management in a hybrid world and how we can move Forward Together. So far, the lineup includes:

  • An exclusive executive panel featuring SVP and Wrike GM, Citrix, Andrew Filev, and senior execs from Microsoft Teams and Miro on technology transformations in the modern workplace 
  • Exclusive sessions from featured guests Oracle, Forrester, Nickelodeon, Verint, Walmart Canada, Nielsen Media, CHOMPS, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, Arizona State University, Syneos Health, Citrix, and more
  • Breakout sessions on the strategies and use cases that will enable teams to thrive in 2021 and beyond
  • A best-in-class virtual conference experience, including virtual booths, spot prizes,  raffles, and interactive entertainment

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