We’re in a period of transformation. Business leaders, managers, and teams are exploring what it means to be collaborative, digital, and agile in an evolving era of work. Whether you’re a one-person team or a global enterprise, we welcome you to join us in October and learn how to build a resilient, inclusive workplace that focuses on driving efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction in a new period of work. 

At Collaborate 2021, we’re featuring exciting keynote speakers, renowned industry analysts, and thought leaders from various fields to discuss how to achieve business goals, reduce burnout, and enable teams to do the best work of their lives in the new hybrid work environment. 

Just in case you’re not yet convinced, here are three reasons why you need to secure your spot for Collaborate 2021: 

1: Attend exciting sessions with renowned industry leaders 

This year, Collaborate is dedicated to supporting teams with practical advice and resources on building a comprehensive digital workplace that empowers teams to be collaborative, engaged, and productive no matter where they work. 

At Collaborate, you’ll have access to exclusive sessions from industry leaders on how the most prominent companies are transforming their workforces to work as one, including:

  • A presentation from Rob Cross, founder and research director of the Connected Commons and expert in work performance and agility, on how shifts to modern collaboration have disrupted your organization and, most importantly, how to get back on track.
  • A keynote session by J.P. Gownder, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, discussing the radical changes to work over the past few years, the challenges that accompany them, and the role of new technology in building a better workplace for the future. 
  • Executive sessions featuring senior executives from leading companies like Walmart, Oracle, and Sony Playstation, discussing how to succeed in the era of hybrid work and the technical tools and workflows required for success. 

2. Get briefed on the latest advancements in work management 

You’ll get a thorough insight into the latest technological advances in the collaborative work management space and how you can utilize these opportunities to harness the power of your organization and prepare the workforce for the future. 

Our visionary product leader, Alexey Korotich, will walk you through all the innovation and updates available in the Wrike platform, providing a comprehensive look at what we’ve got right around the corner, as well as a glimpse into Wrike’s long-term product roadmap. We’ll share exclusive customer feature presentations on their Wrike experience and how to establish value and achieve success with a work management platform. 

You’ll also hear about the latest advancements in AI, automation, and cloud collaborative work management technologies that make it possible for any organization to thrive, no matter how complex and dispersed. 

3. Witness the vision of Wrike and Citrix: Moving Forward Together 

As Wrike is now part of the Citrix family, we’ll showcase our shared vision for the future of work at Collaborate 2021. This is a chance to see both Citrix and Wrike executives on stage and get an inside perspective on why and how we’re working together and what it means for our customers and partners as we work as one to bring teams Forward Together. 


Join us October 19-20 at Collaborate 2021 and come together with visionaries in the work management space to get inspired about the future of work at your organization. 

All this and more to look forward to at Collaborate 2021: 

  • How the biggest companies are transforming their workforces to work as one to accomplish more, with ease
  • Leverage industry data and insight surrounding work complexity, the future of collaboration, employee retention, and satisfaction, burnout reduction
  • Candid stories about how companies have flipped their collaborative work management strategies to realize hours saved in meetings and recapture lost productivity
  • Connect with other line-of-business leaders and Wrike community members
  • Return to your desk with new knowledge and learnings that will help you power your team and build networks for the future
  • Opportunities to join the event and earn the chance to win some fantastic prizes, including an Apple iPad, Apple Airpods, Oculus Quest, Nintendo Switch, Beats by Dre headphones, gift cards, and more