It’s not every day that we receive an award, but to receive a number of accolades from G2 is a real honor for all of us at Wrike. For G2’s Q3 awards, Wrike won 63 badges across 15 categories and was named as “Highly Rated” in 12 areas, including project management software, workflow management software, marketing resource management software, and many more. 

Which G2 awards did Wrike win this quarter?

Here’s a list of badges Wrike was awarded by G2 this quarter:

  • Easiest To Do Business With — Enterprise Project Collaboration and Enterprise Task Management
  • Best Usability — Enterprise Project Collaboration
  • Best Relationship —Enterprise Project Collaboration
  • Leader —  Time Tracking, Bug Tracking, Product Management, Project Management
  • Leader (Mid-Market) — Marketing Resource Management, Work Management, Project Management, Task Management, Project Collaboration, Marketing Calendar, Product Management and Time Tracking
  • Leader — Marketing Resource Management, Online Proofing, Workflow Management, Project Collaboration, Work Management, Time Tracking, Marketing Calendar, Task Management, Project Management, Bug Tracking, Product Management, and CRM
  • Leader (Enterprise) — Task Management, Project Collaboration, Project Management, Bug Tracking, and Time Tracking
  • Easiest Admin (Mid-Market) — Work Management
  • Leader (Small-Business) — Workflow Management, Work Management, Product Management, Project Collaboration, Bug Tracking, Project Management, and Time Tracking
  • Best Meets Requirements (Mid-Market) — Marketing Resource Management, Task Management, Work Management, Online Proofing, Project Collaboration, Workflow Management, Product Management, Bug Tracking, Project Management, Time Tracking, and CRM
  • Highest User Adoption (Enterprise) — Task Management and Project Collaboration
  • Highest User Adoption (Mid-Market) — Project Collaboration
  • High Performer (Mid-Market) — CRM
  • Users Love Us 

You can read all about the badges and categories where Wrike scored big in our dedicated blog post, but we wanted to break down what makes Wrike so popular and efficient for our users. At Wrike, our mission is to help you and your organization do the best work of your lives — no matter your industry,  project, or location. The fact that our G2 award nods span multiple categories is a big deal to us — it means that customers from all industries are using Wrike to their advantage, and loving the results.

So, what is it about Wrike that makes it such a dynamic solution for teams around the world? We’ve gathered some vital stats about how Wrike helps its users, from decreasing email times to increasing communication, and saving costs and hours in projects across the board. Interested? Take a look at our infographic to discover more.

Here’s Why Wrike was so Highly Rated at G2 Awards | Wrike