Wrike integration with ProofHQ

Accelerate your review and approval process by integrating ProofHQ with Wrike.

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Collaborate on your ProofHQ projects in Wrike

ProofHQ is a platform for fast and easy content review and approval. Integrate it with Wrike so your copywriters and/or designers can start working on suggested edits right away without the need to keep switching between two apps to collect the data. Simply create a new Wrike task from any ProofHQ page, take a screenshot of document with your comments, and assign it to the right people.

Watch the video to see this integration in action.

Use it now:

  1. Download Wrike Everywhere, the Google Chrome extension at the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click the Wrike extension on your browser toolbar to sign in to your Wrike account.
  3. Create and assign new Wrike tasks from the document preview in your ProofHQ account.