Professional Services Guide
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What are examples of professional services?

Although professional services is a broad term, it encompasses many industries. Think of professional services as anything that a business owner may need to outsource in order to have more time to spend on their priorities. Professional services agencies have specialized knowledge about a particular skill or industry, and their work allows company owners to focus on core business functions. They sell expertise and ideas to help businesses become successful, rather than an actual, tangible product.

Professional services can be given as an add-on to a core offering to a business, or it may be a primary line of business for a customer. The difference between consultants and professional service vendors is that consultants may merely offer advice or guidance on a particular function, whereas professional services vendors are often responsible for the end result of their work.

Professional services are often offered on a billable-hours basis, but can also be offered at a flat rate or as a subscription to a business that uses their services regularly.

Professional services can be offered in a variety of roles and fields. Some examples of professional services include:

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