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What Is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, it can be hard to differentiate between the various roles and responsibilities. From marketer to strategist to specialist, there are plenty of career options in this field. An experienced digital marketing professional may even choose to harness their skills and become a consultant.

So, what is a digital marketing consultant? It is someone who advises companies on how they should promote their products or services online. Digital marketing consultants have a keen understanding of consumer behavior. They also have extensive knowledge of various digital marketing channels and how they can be leveraged to help businesses engage with their target audience.

Similar to a specialist, a digital marketing consultant creates a strategy to boost brand awareness and drive sales. However, specialists tend to be full-time employees of an organization, while a consultant is an external advisor who is typically hired by a business on a contract basis.

Why hire a digital marketing consultant?

There are plenty of reasons why your business might hire a digital marketing consultant. Here are just a few examples:

Lead generation

Despite best efforts, your business may repeatedly fail to hit sales targets. Your colleagues may be unwilling to try unfamiliar techniques, or they may have simply run out of ideas. An external consultant is a good option here, as they can offer a fresh perspective on lead generation. They will work with your marketing team to create engaging content that encourages prospective consumers to click and find out more about your products or services, potentially leading to increased sales. 

Campaign optimization

Your boss is talking about “going viral” on TikTok but offers you no suggestions on what the brand messaging or overall campaign theme should be — sound familiar? Launching a successful marketing campaign is no easy feat. If you find that your campaigns are failing to get any engagement from your target audience, it might be time to hire a digital marketing consultant. They will evaluate your previous efforts, analyze why they didn’t work, and come up with a more effective campaign strategy.


The value of good branding cannot be underestimated. If your business is opting for a brand refresh, a digital marketing consultant is a highly useful resource. They will be able to help with all elements of your rebrand, including design and copy updates. They will aim to develop a strong brand identity for your business, helping you resonate with customers and improve your existing reputation.

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