The biggest milestone we reached in 2010 is the launch of Wrike’s new, social version. The months of hard work and lots of effort that we put into this release have resulted in making Wrike project management software as friendly and easy to use as a social network. A brilliant new interface, activity streams and built-in microblogging, interactive dashboard, handy backlog and many other powerful features have been introduced in the new version to give an extra productivity boost to you and your team. On the heels of the social version release we enhanced Wrike with table view for fast task editing, a new image viewer for convenient work with visual graphics and more helpful updates.

In 2010, we’ve greatly extended Wrike Apps & Integrations. Collaborative document management has become quick and easy, thanks to Wrike’s integration with Google Docs. Also, Wrike has become the first project management solution to integrate with Google Wave. Finally, a few weeks ago, we unveiled Wrike’s development platform, which gives your development team an opportunity to integrate Wrike with other software you use.

We’ve been happy to hear the positive feedback on the updates from our customers. Enthusiastic reviews, such as “Wrike has been the most productive tool we’ve added to our arsenal,” “Wrike has become an irreplaceable tool we rely on,” and many others are worth the sleepless nights we dedicated to making Wrike as helpful and efficient as it is today. You can learn more about other users’ experiences with Wrike in the success stories. This year, we published quite a few new interviews!

Our accomplishments also have received positive reviews from influential media. Wrike has been covered in TechCrunch, Computerworld, eWeek, Venturebeat, GigaOM and many other blogs. Also, Wrike was honored as the tool of the month by the Clever Tester network, one of the largest independent software testing resources on the Web, which testified that Wrike is a great match for the needs of software development and quality assurance teams.

We’d like to thank you all for your business and your loyalty to Wrike. We highly appreciate your opinion and try to address your needs with every release. If you ever have comments, ideas or feature suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team. In 2011, we’ll keep working on making Wrike the best project management and collaboration software that exceeds your expectations! Wrike’s team wishes you and your family Happy Holidays! See you in 2011!