The team at GetApp recently sat down (virtually) with our Director of Customer Support, Nic Bryson and did a video walk-through of Wrike and the various features and use cases. This video series a great way to get a sense of the capabilities of our system and to see how your team can use it to manage your work.

GetApp is one of the top software review sites online and Wrike has more than 100 reviews from real users. If you want to know what using Wrike is really like, check out what other people are saying.

GetApp's GetGuide walk-through is broken into 10 videos that give you insight into the meat of Wrike: how to track your work in Wrike, how to communicate with colleagues through Wrike, customizing Wrike for your team, and more.

You can get a quick preview of their walk-through below, and then check out the rest of the series on GetApp.

And if you have any questions about Wrike that aren't answered in user reviews or the walk-through, let us know in the comments below or contact us here.