Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could simply show clients, partners, and colleagues an up-to-date project timeline instead of manually preparing reports? Well, great news: now you can!

 Today we released the Timeline Snapshot. You can take a picture of your project plans on the Timeline and instantly share it with anyone via a public link — even with people who don't have a Wrike account. (Though it might also be a good time to invite them to Wrike.)

Timeline Snapshots make your communications more efficient. By sending your colleagues a photo of your workload and project plans, they get an instant look at work progress and you save time explaining and generating reports, with an automatic look into the high visibility project meaning

It will be especially useful for agencies and B2B freelancers who need to share project estimates with clients and partners, or executives who report on progress to investors. Nonprofits will find it useful for sharing milestones and project roadmaps with their board, or even sending this snapshot out to donors via newsletter. Local governments and municipalities can easily share project plans with constituents. Ditto for managers who need to share Gantt charts with other departments that don't use Wrike.

As always, you can share your data in an easy and secure way. Whenever someone creates a new Timeline Snapshot, you'll see a corresponding entry in the Activity Stream. Anytime you can delete any of the snapshots as some of them get outdated.

If there's anything we've learned from Instagram, it's that sometimes it's easier to convey a whole lot of information in a single picture — even if it is a Gantt chart selfie.