My teammate Henry is on vacation in the Bahamas right now and will be out of the office until September 1, so I have to reassign all his tasks to someone else.  But the first thing I have to do is find his tasks among hundreds of others in dozens of projects.

I check Henry in assignees (1) and specify the time frame for his tasks (2). That's that! Instantly, without the need to click extra buttons, Wrike shows me Henry's tasks.

I can narrow the search even more and specify the author in the advanced filters (3). The "Tasks to do" filter (2) I used allows me to see and manage tasks that are scheduled for the required period of time (but will not necessarily be completed, as with the "Due date" filter). 

The new, handy filters helped me narrow down the tasks in just a few seconds. Try the new filters yourself and see how your work efficiency skyrockets!

As you navigate your Wrike workspace the applied filters persist, and you can also work with the filtered tasks when switching between the Gantt chart, backlog, and table views.

For your convenience, while you are browsing the task details, the filter panel is hidden and you can refine your search by closing the "tags" representing your filtering criteria on the top of your task list (4).

When you need to reopen the filter panel, just click the "Filters" button at the top.

Stay tuned, more posts about great new task management features are on their way to the blog!