You can look forward to:

<h5>Get complete project visibility &amp;&nbsp;alignment</h5>
Get complete project visibility & alignment

Gain valuable insights into client work intake, scope projects, and easily provide feedback and approvals. Accurately see resource allocation and full visibility into your pipeline and forecast.

<h5>Supercharge your&nbsp;efficiency</h5>
Supercharge your efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks, create repeatable processes, and standardize client and management reporting best practices across projects to build best-in-class offerings and client service teams.

<h5>Deliver on business&nbsp;outcomes</h5>
Deliver on business outcomes

Maximize service revenue, margins, and team utilization every time. Optimize your resources to drive profitable growth, deliver client projects on-time and on-budget, and exceed expectations.

<h5>Sherrie Besecker<br></h5>
Creative Technology Manager, Syneos Health
Sherrie Besecker

Sherrie boasts 20+ years in digital project management, with a 14-year focus on pharmaceutical marketing. Not only adept at learning new things in Wrike, she also trains 1,500+ team members.

<h5>Cassidy Pillow<br></h5>
Sr. Manager of CX Operations, Granicus
Cassidy Pillow

Cassidy Pillow, Sr. Manager of CX Operations at gov-tech firm Granicus, leads Wrike administration and strategic projects for 600 employees. Off-duty, she enjoys her sunny Florida backyard or boating with friends.

<h5>Richard Blatcher<br></h5>
Senior Director, Industry Solutions Marketing, Wrike
Richard Blatcher

Richard leads global strategy at Wrike in key industry sectors across Europe and the US. Managed SaaS launches and marketing teams at Autodesk & PROS.

<h5>Seth Cathey<br></h5>
Senior Sales Engineer, Wrike
Seth Cathey

Seth, a Senior Solutions Consultant at Wrike, highlights its benefits to top clients. His background spans from finance to project management, ERP implementation for Fortune 500s, and leading a Workday consulting PMO.

<h5>Jacob Jenkins<br></h5>
Sr. Solutions Consultant, Wrike
Jacob Jenkins

Jacob showcases Wrike’s benefits for mid-market clients. With a career transition from cloud computing to collaborative work management, he's experienced in managing emerging technology implementation.

<p><span>Take your service delivery to the next level</span></p>

Take your service delivery to the next level

<p><span>Take your service delivery to the next level</span></p>