Wrike Simple Projects will become part of Yahoo! users’ everyday experience and the first project collaboration tool available from the customizable My Yahoo! web page. Anyone who has a Yahoo! account will be able to easily create and assign tasks, organize tasks in projects and invite people to work on projects together. Still the most exciting thing about Wrike Simple Projects is that it is the first My Yahoo! app that lets users keep track of changes made in projects by their friends. Thanks to the ability to see who created, edited, reassigned and completed tasks in real time, they can always stay in the loop.

Saving time and making people all over the world more productive while collaborating on projects is a part of Wrike’s mission. We developed the free Wrike Simple Projects specifically for Yahoo! to help millions of people become more efficient in working together on everyday projects like moving, planning a wedding or trip, studying, etc.

It’s worth mentioning that Wrike Simple Projects will not sync with Wrike’s original version and will not offer Wrike’s unique and patent-pending features, such as the Intelligent Email Engine, Dynamic Timeline, or our Flexible Structures. People who are interested in these and other substantial collaboration and project management features will be invited to join our customer community and sign up for Wrike at www.wrike.com.