We have improved the file-sharing system in Wrike, so you can now track versions of files attached to tasks and project folders.

As you know, Wrike project management software lets you attach any kind of files to tasks and folders, so that everyone on the team knows the latest version of specifications, agreements, brochures, logos, etc. When you work on a document together with your peers, each participant can contribute by uploading a new version. To make version-tracking for files more convenient for you, we moved files to a special tab in the task and folder details.

“Files” tab
Now, when you click on the “Edit task” or “Edit folder” link, you see the new “Files” tab.

The number in the tab name shows you how many files are attached to the task/folder. Different versions of the same file are not counted separately.

In the “Files” tab you can attach new files (1), upload new versions of files (2) and download files by clicking on the file name (3). 

The newest version of a file is typed in larger font and placed at the top of the list of files (4). Previous versions are listed below with the information about who and when uploaded the file.

Uploading a new file version
To upload a new version of a file, click on the “Upload a new version” link near the appropriate file (5) and select a file to upload as a new version. You can also add a file description when necessary. Then hit the “Upload file” button.
When you upload a new version, Wrike automatically renames the file to follow the original file’s name to avoid any confusion.