Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup, where we link to the best reads in business, productivity, marketing, and management! This week, we look at what it means to live and work in a future where we have technological marvels, but way less free time. And we look at tools and technologies that can help you research blog posts to write, how best to learn new skills, and how to disrupt existing platforms. Read on! Why Do Americans Work So Much? (The Atlantic): A hundred years ago, when economist John Maynard Keynes predicted the rise in productivity of a future America, he envisioned a time when people would be working less due to technological advances. The tech is here, but the work ethic hasn't changed since the 1970s. Americans are still working 40+ hours a week. Three theories as to why Americans continue to work so much. How to Use Twitter to Predict Popular Blog Posts You Should Write (AndrewChen.co): Advisor and investor Andrew Chen suggests a simple way to test whether you should write a blog post on a topic: tweet the headline and see if it gets any retweets. It's quick and shows if there's any interest in a longer piece of content. Technology Doesn’t Disrupt Industries, People Do (Medium): In every 'new tech disrupts old tech' story, the real change lies in the people using the new technology to solve an old pain point. How To Invest In Yourself (Medium): This is no feel-good puff piece, it's an actionable 4-step plan on mapping out 100 projects you want to do including skills you want to learn, and setting up next steps. Read it and change your life. 48 Experts Share Their #1 Tip for New Project Managers (Wrike): We asked the Project Management 2.0 group on LinkedIn to divulge their #1 tip for new project managers. Not surprisingly, these process fanatics shared a plethora of great tips to help newcomers succeed in this ever-changing area of work.  

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