It's Friday! Time for the weekly Work Management Roundup which pulls together our favorite reads on productivity, working, and strategies to work smarter.  Without further ado, here they are:

How to Finally Eliminate Online Distractions: One researcher thinks Inbox Zero is baloney, because the goal should not be to just keep up with all incoming information; rather the goal is to stay focused. This article gives some excellent tips on fighting distraction.

Work Remotely via Robot: At MIT's business school, one or two students telecommute via roving robots with screens showing their faces. This could be the future of remote work.

Must I Really GTD?: Our favorite question on Lifehacker this week has been "Do I Really Need to Learn a Productivity Method?" The answer is, "Not necessarily." But for us regular, disorganized humans, it sure makes life easier (and more efficient) if we have one system we can trust with our to-do items.

8 Things to Do Before 8AM: A list of 8 things to do first thing in the day. This is stuff that prepares you to have a great day, including: exercise, eat 30 grams of protein, take cold showers, and get 7+ hours of sleep.

6 Triggers to Gain Immediate Trust and Sell More: Read a list of 6 psychological triggers that gain the instant trust of a potential customer. Along with each trigger is a description and examples of how you can apply it in your work today.

More Work Management Must-Reads:

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