It's Friday, dear readers. The week's best work-related and productivity-centered reads await you in our Work Management roundup! Some of the most interesting links this week talk about how working less (and learning more) will lead to more satisfaction with your life. Curious? Read on!

Why We Should Spend Less Time Working, and More Time Living & Learning (Open Culture): In this long-form blog post, read how two 20th century thought leaders — Buckminster Fuller (American architect/inventor & visionary) and Bertrand Russell (British philosopher & social critic) — both challenged the notion that we must have wage-earning jobs in order to lead fulfilling lives. Their view: we are entitled to indulge our passions and interests even if it leads to no monetary gain.

How To Create (At Least) An Extra Week Per Month for Professional Development (Michelle Ockers): "That's all good and well," you say after reading the article above, "but where do you get the time to devote to learning?" Michelle Ockers has a solution: a little bit everyday, especially in the mornings when the brain is freshest. Read her 4 principles for making time for professional development.

Getting More Done At Work Won’t Make You As Happy As Just Working Less (Fast Co. Exist): And then there's this article which correlates money, employment, and overall life satisfaction, and shares this food-for-thought: "In that sense, being productive at work helps— but only if you think it’ll lead to a raise."

3 Surprising Habits That Will Increase Your Joy at Work ( But if you really want to be happy at work and satisfied with your career decisions, then you have to stop listening to the absolutes being fed to you by other people and start listening to yourself. Here are 3 habits that might help you.

Start Something: The Power of Side Projects (Medium): While we're talking about happiness at work, why not start a side project that uses your talents and incites your curiosity? After all, that's how Uber, Instagram, and StumbleUpon all started.

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