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Leading companies agree that people are their most valuable resource. When they’re allocated effectively, productivity flourishes and waste is reduced. When people are strained or underutilized, bottlenecks and roadblocks occur, productivity plummets, and inefficiencies lead to unforeseeable expenses.

Tracking time spent on work is a huge piece of managing those resources effectively. However, outdated tools and systems make it hard to objectively and reliably determine the number of hours put into a specific task — adding complications to billing and risking breaking labor laws.

Recently, the EU has found it so difficult to accurately and efficiently track time spent on work, they established a law requiring that employers “set up an objective, reliable and accessible system enabling the duration of time worked each day by each worker to be measured.” Without an easy way to track time spent on tasks and accurately forecast needs, you’re wasting resources.

Last November, Wrike Resource launched as a Wrike add-on that gives managers greater visibility into their team’s workloads for better planning and performance. Today, we're announcing Timesheets, an enhancement to Wrike Resource meant to boost flexibility, transparency, and usability.

Timesheets for easily tracking effort spent on tasks

No more time clocks and punch cards. Not only are these tools outdated, but they provide little visibility, and team members end up spending unbillable time inefficiently tracking their time. In fact, 64% of professional services employees say they spend 3 or more hours a week just documenting hours worked according to our Professional Services Benchmark Report.

So what is time tracking? Wrike timesheets provide a simple way to track time spent on tasks. Keep work and tracking work all in one place so you can compare how much effort was planned versus how much time was actually required for any given task. A consolidated Wrike timesheet automatically populates all assigned tasks so working hours can be logged at any time. Easily add multiple entries a day or comments for further context on time spent.

Timesheets' weekly view allows you to instantly see the total time spent daily across all tasks and a weekly summary of time spent on tasks for quick and easy billing.

Introducing Timesheet in Wrike Resource - A Simple Way to Track Time Spent on Tasks 2

Start using Timesheets in Wrike Resource

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