nathanelliott @itsChance I'm loving @wrike for online collaborative project management / timeline. You should check it out.

bradmcdiarmid Looking for an alternative to Microsoft's SharePoint? Check out the easy to use Wrike at 

motherlake_jp Have you tried the projectmanagement tool "Wrike"? It's really nice. Like Basecamp + Gantt chart.

varithk PM SOFTWARE Wrike works fine for me

rareplay > Allows you to share plans and work on them together: 

StephGeyer Have started using for project management. Use this referral link if you want to check it out, too.

bionicturtle our essential virtual business tools are @wrike (PM), @xero (accounting), @dropbox (files), @diigo (link, research collab)

bionicturtle i am liking the new @wrike beta

lauraschulz Playing with my newfound toys at #w2e: (proj man.), iPlotz (wireframing), raven cloud (process design).

harrymahardhika Project Management Software, Project Planning Software, Time Tracking Software: Wrike

tinyrooster @cherylprolapse activecollab is full-featured but pricey! I liked wrike the best of ones you mentioned, looks easy to use and not overkill

Achint Glad to be Finally moving up from Excel for our Project Mgmt. Love the visual time-lines of Wrike

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