Picture a world where the systems and tools you depend on seamlessly blend into your work style without a hitch, from logging into all your critical systems with the same user credentials to quickly building and sharing custom views of everything that’s going on from the 10,000 foot level down to the most acute details. All at your fingertips in real time, anytime.

Imagine no longer, as Wrike Enterprise now offers a suite of new usability, reporting, and integration capabilities that enable teams to customize Wrike to fit the way they already work. How, you might ask? Let’s dig into the new bells and whistles:

Shareable Dashboards

Visibility into team and project performance is core to long-term success, but few teams actually have this level of insight. With Wrike’s new Shareable Dashboards, users can customize and share Dashboards for specific projects with real-time activity streams and analytics graphs to quickly access the information users need most often.

Custom Reports

In order to truly understand what’s working and what’s not, you need to have complete control over your reporting tools. Wrike gives you that power by enabling you to build and save custom reports. This enhanced Enterprise feature helps you surface specific insights into projects, team, and personal productivity to ensure teams are running optimally.

Critical Path

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to managing complex projects with many moving parts. One of the best way to ensure your projects are completed on time is to leverage Critical Path Analysis. Wrike’s Critical Path feature in the Timeline View automatically visualizes the time it will take to complete a project to easily see if the team is at risk of missing a deadline.

Critical Path in Wrike

Okta and SAML Integration

Nobody enjoys having to memorize numerous usernames and passwords. Wrike understands that pain and now offers compliance with SAML, allowing Wrike to employ single sign-on (SSO) login capabilities over the cloud so you can use the same logins with Wrike that you use for your other cloud services like SFDC and Google Apps. And with Okta integration, you can also leverage your corporate credentials via Active Directory to log into Wrike.

Branded Workspace

Teams can make Wrike feel like home by creating a Branded Workspace to replace Wrike’s logo with their own. This might seem like a small enhancement, but aligning your digital workspace with your corporate look and feel can make Wrike instantly recognizable to your users and increase overall adoption.

Custom Logo in Wrike

Intrigued? Excited? Ready to give Wrike Enterprise a spin?

These are just a few of the latest features in Wrike Enterprise. There’s so much more to Wrike Enterprise, you really need to delve in deeper to capture all the benefits for you and your team. To get started, go to the Wrike Enterprise project management page to access your free trial and start working better and smarter today!

Want to see the new features in action? Join us for a free demo webinar on September 10th at 10AM PDT. Register now: http://go.wrike.com/wrike-enterprise-features-2014-09-10.html