The news has recently been filled with stories of data breaches and leaked user data — from Mark Zuckerberg's accounts getting hacked due to the 2012 LinkedIn breach, to the rise in ransomware affecting all kinds of organizations, even hospitals. This only underscores how security should always be a top concern for every business, but especially enterprises serving a large customer base.

Mid- to large-sized businesses and enterprises who embrace Wrike for project collaboration understand that security of company and user data is of paramount importance. Administrators should be able to track user and group activity so that malicious activity can be spotted and dealt with swiftly.

Wrike is excited to announce a solution to make this easier and more efficient for all Enterprise customers.

We have launched the User Audit Reports, which give you powerful insights into user behavior, security compliance, internal and external threats, and user/group operational activities so that you can take corrective action to protect your data and streamline operations.

Lets take a look at some common scenarios where the User Audit Reports will be useful.

1. Maintain accountability of actions

  • You want to find out when a user with a U.S. IP address logged into Wrike from outside the country, or how frequently that user has logged into Wrike in recent months.
  • You created a highly confidential project in Wrike with specified users and want to know if those users invited collaborators into the project without your permission. You can now create reports to gain visibility into those actions and take action.

2. Group lifecycle changes

  • While you and your teams are managing multiple projects within Wrike, new groups are getting created, deleted, and group members are getting added or deleted. As an Account Owner or Admin, you now have complete control over group activities inside your Wrike account.

We're sure there are many more scenarios where this latest feature can help you gain better insight into your user and group activities.

If you're an Owner for an Enterprise account, log in to your Wrike Admin panel to try the feature or grant feature permission to other Admins in your account.

If you’re not a Wrike user yet, begin a Free Trial or reach out to our Support team for more information.