Why reinvent the wheel? This idiom highlights some universal wisdom. If you're building a car, would you spend your time testing if a circle is the best wheel shape? Or, would you rather focus on optimizing the type of tire, engine, aerodynamics, and internal comfort? The point is when you already have a great design — like a circle — you'll find more success focusing on optimizing other parts. 

When it comes to building out work projects, why start from scratch every time? Templates are the wheels that get projects moving faster. When you start projects with a template, you preserve valuable time while ensuring you're using best practices and not missing a step. The more consistently your team uses templates, the easier it is to stay aligned, collaborate, improve productivity, and win the race.

In the below infographic we outline what a template is, how it can help you, common template elements, and popular types of templates

Once you've enjoyed the infographic and are ready to start building your own event template, check out our library of free pre-built project templates to give yourself a head start. 

Using Templates in Project Management Infographic 2

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