Fourteen years ago today, Apple introduced the very first iPod at the staggering price of $399 and basically disrupted the way we purchase and consume music. It may not be hoverboards or "Jaws 19" (sorry, Back to the Future II), but at least we have portable music libraries in our pockets and virtual reality goggles.

And furthermore, the way we do our work today is a definite improvement from the way our parents worked 30 years ago. Which only means we're on the right path. So let's keep creating those disruptive technologies and improving the way we work. Our weekly roundup gives you some tips on how to work smartly, lead humanely, and manage excellently!

A Lesson in Negotiation (Lenny): A little over a week ago, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence penned an essay for Lenny, the feminist newsletter run by Lena Dunham, explaining how she failed at negotiating for a better salary because she didn't want to appear spoiled or difficult. Lesson: know your worth and fight for it.

Translating Quotes into Woman Speak (Washington Post): To illustrate exactly how difficult it is for women to speak honestly in the workplace, Alexandra Petri of The Washington Post tried converting famous historical quotes into how a woman would have to say them in a meeting to be taken seriously. Eye-opening, to say the least.

Good Managers Know How to Listen (Entrepreneur):  Speaking is only half the equation. Matt Mayberry over on Entrepreneur writes: If you can listen properly, you'll be a better leader. And not the "pretend" listening you do when you're on the phone while Mom shares neighborhood gossip. You need to practice careful, invested listening where egos are set aside so that the needs of the one speaking can be addressed.

Young Entrepreneur Mistakes (Fortune): In Fortune Magazine, Wrike CEO Andrew Filev talks about the common mistakes that young entrepreneurs make. The best bit: "If your gut and your data are telling you the same thing, it’s time to listen. Don’t let burning all your cash be the thing that brings you down."



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The Dark Cloud Around Remote Work (Fusion): We all know working from home is a growing trend worldwide as companies seek to save money leasing office space and workers seek to avoid horribly long commutes. But an article on shows new research that is casting doubt on the benefits of telecommuting. Their telecommuting productivity statistics say that people who telecommute 2 days a week experience decreased productivity and job satisfaction. So the advice now is: only work from home in small doses, and make sure your working-from-home equipment is up to scratch.

Top Jobs with the Best Work-Life Balance (Fast Company): If you're dissatisfied with your current job and you're looking for a job that gives you the work-life balance you crave, then check out this Fast Company article. It lists the top 25 jobs with the best work-life balance. Although if you really want to reclaim control of your life, you could simply follow the Mayo Clinic's advice for workaholics.

No One Cares How Much You Work (99U): Whether you work in an office or in your garage, please don't confuse effort with results. Oliver Burkeman over at 99U writes,"if you’re judging your output at the end of the work day by your level of tiredness, you’re sure to be misled". There's a difference between simply doing busywork and working smartly to get results!

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